About WAM Ltd.

Well Aware Monitoring (WAM) is a business designed to help conserve water through awareness of household usage. The benefits are twofold; when you order water less frequently, you save money on regular bills, but by making sure that the cistern never runs out, you will also save on infrastructure costs such as burnt-out pumps. We install a monitoring system that measures the water level in your home’s cistern or holding tank, and it keeps tabs on how much water remains at any given point.

We got into the business as people who rely upon cisterns and water hauling for the household supply. Checking water levels manually can be cumbersome, especially during Canadian winters or when the tank opening is too narrow to effectively judge the water’s depth. Using an automated option reading the levels in the tank at millimetre-accuracy, WAM systems are a better way to gauge the remaining supply and assess the best time to order more.



Why Well Aware?

Homegrown is always best. Created in the Peace Region, the Well Aware Ecosystem is tried and true. We understand the hassle of hauling water and are here to help. Take the guesswork out of storing water and always be up-to-date on your household water levels and usages. We are here to help you save money by ordering water when you actually need it instead of playing it safe and ordering too frequently. This helps protect the water pumping infrastructure of your home by signaling when water levels reach dangerously low levels before blowing out pumps and hoses. Last, but not least, we are here to help you be aware of your water usage, predict your current supply, and ensure that your family never runs out of water again!



Who are We?

Rob Kelly

Mr. Kelly, trained as a Red Seal Heavy Duty and Automotive Technician, has attained a problem-solving skill set second to none. He is the hands-on facilitator for the installation and service team.


Sara Kelly

Mrs. Kelly has wide variety of experience including project coordination, business ownership, and marketing. She would be happy to help build a custom suite of products to help fill your need for Water Monitoring.


Kyle Moffat

Mr. Moffat has nearly a decade of computing experience in web and system software design and programming. His responsibilities have included system setup automation, server, systems networking, cloud infrastructure, backend system support, and wireless radio networking and communications. He continues to develop the web platform that customers will use to check the levels of systems that WAM supports.


Markus Piil

Mr. Piil has nearly a decade’s experience in working with technical, computer-based solutions. He has experience in software, mobile, and web development, server and database administration, troubleshooting, and more. Through his undergraduate studies he has attained the software engineering and design processes required to ensure that Well Aware Monitoring products run as efficiently and reliably as possible.