One of the perks to using the Well Aware systems is that, over time, you can see how much is used on a typical day. Coupling that with the current level in the storage tank(s), and it becomes easy to figure out approximately when the time will arrive that another order must be placed. Maybe there’s a family gathering at your house scheduled for the weekend, and your forecasted usage says that the tank will run dry on Monday – it might be wise to place an order before the party so that the extra dozen people using the water doesn’t send your supply short.


If you pay for a hauling company to bring water in by the truckload, odds are that you pay a flat-rate fee for the service, regardless of how much water is actually delivered to the tank and offloaded. If ‘eyeballing it’ has you refilling your tank consistently with around 30-40% remaining, you could stand to save a considerable amount of money by relying on our millimetre-accurate measurement system. We’ll send you an email once the tank level dips below a certain mark, taking the guesswork out of the whole operation. Less flat-rate deliveries puts money back where it belongs – in your pocket.