Integrating this much technology to a traditionally-analogue system comes with certain perks, among the most noteworthy are the notifications that Well Aware systems deliver to you. Making use of any WAM systems should streamline what have traditionally been manual process; when in-tank levels reach predefined points (specific to the type of sensor used) a pre-formatted email is sent out to your address; ensuring that you get notified wherever you happen to be at the time.

As our systems measure holding tanks that see varied usage rates, the repeat notifications are delivered at different rates. If you forget to have your water tank filled immediately (as we all do from time to time) or want to wait a little longer, another notification will make its way to you every 24 hours until the water tank is filled up. If your lagoon/septic tank is approaching the threshold, notifications will be delivered less frequently as these tanks are traditionally drained once or twice a year. We will work with you at the point of installation to custom-fit a notification schedule that suits your personal tastes.

In the future, we will likely be offering options for notifications sent via text, and with a smartphone app in the works as well you’ll never be out of reach to ensure that the tank is filled back up. Check back in the future to see all of the contact options we’ll have to offer!