Water Conservation

Water is one of the most precious resources that we have at our disposal; conservation wherever possible is a responsibility that falls upon each of us. When you sign up for Well Aware’s services and have the WAM-C1 installed to your cistern, we put the power of data-driven analytics at your disposal to understand how much water is used in your household. Log into your account to view current tank levels and usage metrics going back through a period of time to see where high-usage trends occur.

Perhaps Saturdays see the greatest usage with the week’s laundry being run through, or Monday morning as everybody in the house takes a shower before heading off to school or work. Understanding when your house uses the greatest volumes of water helps identify areas for improvement so that habits can be amended to help conserve when possible. Saving water goes beyond the environmental impact, however – if the household regularly hauls water for cistern storage, each truckload costs money. Saving water is a win-win.