Welcome to the ‘Well Aware Ecosystem’ – each unit plays a part in observing and maintaining level measurements and work in tandem with one another to simplify necessities around your home. Keep checking back to learn more about our systems in development and when they will be released to the market!




Range Extender / Coordination | Available Now

The ‘brain’ of the operation; the WAM-S1 is the only unit that must be present in order to interact with any of the other systems in the Well Aware product log. A long-range wireless card receives level measurements from any of our sensor-bearing units and confirms each reading so that nothing is missed. The WAM-S1 processes the readings, figures out what volume remains in the tank, and checks it against the alarm threshold. When needed, it sends out automated low-level alerts so that you know where levels are sitting at and can replenish supplies. Approx. 65mm x 95mm x 30mm

[Left: Concept sketch for the WAM-S1. Final enclosure to be revealed shortly.]




Water Level Monitoring | Available Now

This is the flagship product of Well Aware Monitoring and the first to hit the market in April 2017. It can be mounted through the lid of most water cistern types. The WAM-C1 will take measurements of the water level at regular intervals and relay them back to the WAM-S1 for processing.

As with all of our WAM products, the parts used in the assembly are all rated for the harsh Canadian winters at -40C, summer months, and everything in between. Gone are the days that our customers have to manually measure the water levels themselves. The water-submersible sensor means that you can fill the tank to the brim without damaging the system (as long as freezing conditions do not apply).

[Above: Concept sketch for the WAM-C1. Final enclosure to be revealed shortly.]

We are looking into partnerships with water haulers and distributors in the area; contact us to see if your regular carrier supports the use of Well Aware automated ordering! Even if they don’t, that’s okay – we’ll send low-water notification direct to your inbox and you can place the call whenever it works for you.




Water Level Monitoring | Available Now

The WAM-S1 and WAM-C1 pair well in the event that household wifi does not extend all the way out to the water cistern in the yard. Many of the people we’ve spoken to, however, have their cistern right outside the house, under a deck, or even in the basement where a small computer can easily get the internet service. In these cases, the WAM-H1 uses the C1 measuring technology and S1 processing together in one unit. These are perfect to reduce costs and streamline the operation, as long as wifi is readily available.

[See WAM-C1 above for design; the WAM-H1 and WAM-C1 use the same hardware]




Grain Bin Monitoring | Coming 2017

Speaking to some farmers in the area, we asked about how the contents of feed silos are measured without climbing to the top and looking in. Often, they strike the side of the tank and gauge the remainder by the sound it makes. It’s simple, time-tested, and works great for approximations. The WAM-GS1, however, brings a high level of accuracy to what has traditionally been left to guesswork.

Mounted through the silo’s roof (or inside, if preferred), the system takes readings of the current level in the tank and relays the measurement back to the WAM-S1. Back at the server, levels are calculated with silo dimensions to determine out how much feed remains inside and are sent to your online account.

[Above: Concept sketch for the WAM-GS1. Final enclosure to be revealed shortly.]




Fuel Tank Monitoring | Coming 2017

The WAM-FT1 is a sensor sealed against the effects of many harsh chemical environments.

Monitoring fuel levels allows you to place an order for more during low-cost times and can help identify slow leaks or fuel theft. The WAM-FT1 is mounted through the top of the tank, which allows the ultrasonic sensor to take millimetre-accurate measurements of the fuel level inside that get reported back to your Well Aware account. Usage can be tracked online, and notifications sent out when the fuel level dips below a certain level.



[Above: Concept sketch for the WAM-FT1. Final enclosure to be revealed shortly.]



Septic / Holding Tank Monitoring | Coming 2017

Monitoring septic/holding tanks is rarely a pleasant experience, but the WAM-L1 system aims to reduce your involvement with it as much as possible. Using the same ultrasonic measuring technology that the other WAM systems employ, the WAM-L1 is mounted through the top of your lagoon system and keeps track of the current level inside. When the tank fills beyond a certain threshold, an automated notification is sent out to you to advise that the time to have the tank pumped is approaching. Readings are also sent directly to your online account so that levels can be tracked as needed.

[Left: Concept sketch for the WAM-L1. Final enclosure to be revealed shortly.]